Advantages of Web App


Website : A website is just a  web page which gives information about company products. a website refers to a central location that contains more than one web page or a series of web pages. For example, Botsolve lab is  website, which contains different web pages, including the page you’re reading now.

In particular, the web provides a way for marketers to get to know the people visiting their sites and start communicating with them. One way of doing this is asking web visitors to subscribe to newsletters, to submit an application form when requesting information on products or provide details to customize their browsing experience when next visiting a particular website.


Web Application: A web application is an application that uses a web browser as a client. Web apps have several advantages over desktop applications. Since they run inside web browsers, developers do not need to develop web apps for multiple platforms. For example, a single application that runs in chrome will work on both windows and OS X.

Web apps have some defining attributes

  1. Self contained
  2. Rich/ interactive user interface. Possibly mimicking the native UI of the device
  3. Using advanced device capabilities like geolocation, camera integration, or other technologies            that the W3C device APIs and policy working group is developing.
  4. Action-oriented rather than information oriented
  5. Not relying heavily on (or hiding when possible) the browser chrome(back button, reload button, address bar)
  6. Working offline for example using HTML5 Application cache, local storage, or indexed database



Advantages of Web Applications

Web Applications deliver many business benefits compared to office based solutions.

  1. Zero install – All PCs have a browser
  2. Reducing business costs – less time spent talking to customers over the phone: eliminate printed materials: allow users to update their own details.
  3. Centralised data is secure and easy to backup.
  4. Quick and easy updates.
  5. Reach anybody, anywhere in the world.
  6. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days week.
  7. Low spec PCs or smart phones can be use.
  8. Online training can be completed at user’s own time pace.
  9. Direct access to latest information – for Employees where every they are located.
  10. Always up to date




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